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Cricova winery

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One of the most important tourism attractions in the Republic of Moldova is considered to be the wine factory Cricova, also named Moldova's wine cellar. It is situated at a distance of about 10 km from Chisinau. Founded in 1952 Cricova wine factory can complete the world wonders list. At 60-80 m underground there are drift-galleries stretching out over more than 60 km, where during the whole year there is a temperature of +10 -+12 C and a humidity of 97%, which are considered to be ideal conditions for keeping the wine and producing the champagne. The fact that it is a real town is also showed by the presence of streets, named by famous wines Aligote, Feteasca, Cabernet, Pinot, Sauvignon.

The most valuable exhibit of Cricova collection is a small bottle in spacious cylinder the bottle which contains wine from 1902. It is the Red Wine of Jerusalim. Today it is the single bottle of such wine from the whole world.

Cricova is the single producer of champagne by classical French method from Republic of Moldova.



Price, per person

“Orasul subteran” (undeground Town), duration 1 hour 20 min

includes only a guided winery tour, no wine tasting 

16 euro

Business Time, duration 1 hour 50 min

includes a guided winery tour, tasting of 4 types of wine. For wine tasting are offered: walnuts, crackers and mineral water

21 euro

Regatul Vinului (Kingdom of Wine) duration 2 hours 30 min

 includes a guided winery tour, a tasting of 6 types of wine. The wines are paired with a traditional dinner : Vegetables varieties, Meat plate, Hominy with meat, sour cream, brinza (moldavian salted cheese), Pies with brinza (moldavian salted cheese), Pies with potatoes, Bread, Mineral water.

35 euro

Prestige , duration 2 hours 50 min

includes a guided winery tour, a tasting of 7 types of wine. The offer includes also a dinner Vegetables varieties, Meat plate, Baked Vegetables, Sarmale (moldavian dish – rice,meat, vegetables), Pies with brînza (moldovan salted cheese) and potatoes, Chicken fillet with mushrooms, Beef salad with sweet pepper, Dessert, Bread, Water.

50 euro

V.I.P, duration 3 hours 20 min

includes a guided winery tour, a tasting of 9 types of wine. The offer includes also a dinner : Vegetables varieties, Eggplant salad with tomatoes, Meat plate (pork baked, roast beef), Chicken terrine, Pie with cheese and cabbage, Grilled salmon, Petite fillet with Bordo sauce, Plums and apple cooked in wine, Desert, Bread, Water.

70 euro

Beginning with 16.00 and in weekends services are provided with an addition of 5 euro for one person. 

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