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Et Cetera

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Et Cetera Wines is a family owned company that is situated in the South-East of Moldova, in one of the most favorable zones of the country for viticulture.

Thanks to the close proximity of Black Sea, Liman and the Dniester River in conjunction with well-drained, warm on the surface, cool and humid deep down soil a perfect terroir for growing grapes has formed.

“Et Cetera” is represented by a group of enthusiastic young people whose purpose is to grow fine grapes and to produce wines of uniquely Moldova's character.

During the wine tour you will follow the most important parts of the wine-making process directly from the owner and winemaker Alexandru Luchianov. Degustation starts in the Et Cetera's modern winery where you can taste wine straight from the barrels and continues at a cozy restaurant where you can relax and enjoy delicious homemade food.




Price, per person

Winery tour & tasting

Duration 1,5 hours


includes a guided winery tour, a tasting of 5 types of wine.

14 euro

Wine & Food at Et Cetera

Duration 2,5 hours

includes a guided winery tour, a tasting of 5 types of wine. The offer includes also a 3 course dinner, prepared from local products.

34 euro

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