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Hirbovat Monastery

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Hirbovat Monastery

It is the second monastery of the one of the most popular touristic itinerary in Moldova , the so-called “The road of Monasteries “ (Drumul Manastirilor)., which includes Raciula Monastery, Hirbovat Monastery, Hirjauca Monastery and Frumoasa Monastery. It is located on the valley of river Ichel at the distance of 10 km from Calarasi city. It was founded in 1730 by a nobleman called Constantin Carpuz. By the year of 1812 the monastery was three times burned, that is why all it's archive has been destroyed. The Hirbovat Monastery is famous to the fact that here is kept the renowned Icon of Virgin Mary.(Icoana facatoare de minuni a Maicii Domnului). This icon is known as making miracles and it was a present made in 1790 by the wife of russian colonel Nicolae Albaduev, which was killed by a horse right at the gate of monastery.It is made from silver covered with gold and precious stones.

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