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Moldova - информация о стране

Moldova is an European Country, which has a rich ethnic history. The most important quality of the Moldavian people is the Hospitality. In Moldova every guest is received with special warmth.The householder will always serve his guest with great Moldovan wine and with the best dishes.

Here you will discover a route of life full of beautiful nature, warm hearts and hospitality people.

If you wish to discover this wonderful land in its entire splendor, Fantasy Tur is the best support you can get.


The state language - Moldavian, the inter-ethnic language of communication - Russian.

National currency - Leu (1USD = about 20 Leu, 1 Euro = about 21 Leu). 1 Leu equals to 100 bani (coins).

The area - 33.8 thousand sq.km

Часовой Пояс:

GMT +2h.

Погода и климат:

Climat is temperate-continental climate. Short and mild winter with average daily temperatures in January between -3 and -5 (about 23 to 27 F). Long and warm summers with average daily temperatures in July generally exceeding 25C (80F).


Population - about 3,5 mln. people.


Religion - Orthodoxy 98,5% of population.


Official holidays
January, 1st - The New Year
January, 7th - Cristmas
March, 8th - The Intarnational Women`s Day 
May, 1st - The Intarnational Spring and Labory Day
August, 27th - Independence Day
August, 31th - Limba Noastra (State Language Day)
October, 14th - -Chisinau`s Day
The Wine Day - the first Saturday and Sunday of October

Полезно знать:

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Moldova:

1. Affordability— Moldova is without question the cheapest in Europe. 

2. Wine — Second to Italy, Moldova is known to have the best wine in Europe. Moldova and wine are synonyms, so you must get your hands on a tasty glass when you get here!

3. Fruit — The fruit in Moldova for whatever reason is incredible. Moldova has a reputation for some of the freshest fruit in Europe. And believe me — it is that delicious!

Some of the best fruits to try are watermelon, grapes, oranges and bananas. It will literally cost you pennies.

4. Mix of Cultures — As mentioned before, Moldova is a giant mix of cultures because the country has been taken over by several different dynasties in the past.  It is split between Western and Eastern ideologies. This makes it really interesting to explore because you never know what you’re going to encounter. You’ll some strange and random things as you walk around, but it’s all part of what makes Moldova unique.

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